The Distinguished Gentleman is a high quality range of men’s personal care products that have been developed to meet the growing demand for men’s luxury skin care products.

The Distinguished Gentleman brand has been created by Lewis Hill in the United Kingdom (UK) to introduce a distinctive high performance range of products. Quality is at the core of this brand, delivering the very best of ingredients to achieve the highest level of customer product satisfaction.

We develop and produce our top range of products in a British laboratory here in the UK, meeting all the necessary British and European requirements and standards. The Distinguished Gentleman products have been created using 100% organic ingredients. The contain no parabens and we do not test on animals. Much research has gone into using the right blend of natural ingredients, and we are confident that we have one of the best if not the best products on the market.

What Is The Best Beard Oil In The UK

Our Men’s care range is high quality. Our brand leads with with what we consider to be the best beard oil on the market. This range of products is now in huge demand as a result of the current fashions. The Distinguished Gentleman has developed a selection of high quality luxury beard oils that are designed to provide nourishment and conditioning for the beard hair, whilst moisturising the skin under the hair to ensure that the skin can remains hydrated, by retaining the natural moistures that are within the skin. The Distinguished Gentleman luxury beard oil is rich in specifically selected essential oils that provide an intensive moisturising and conditioning effect to the beard, moustache and skin. We believe that our beard oil is the best beard oil in the UK for several reasons which we cover below.

Each product in The Distinguished Gentleman range has a unique masculine fragrance. You can find details of each fragrance on our Men’s Care Products page. Like the luxury oils, the fragrance is an expensive blend of quality ingredients that provide a sophisticated aroma that is impressive, but not over powering.

Health & Natural Benefits

One of the leading questions asked by bearded men is “how do I stop my beard itching”. The problem the majority of men have when the stubble begins to grow is that their skin becomes excessively itchy. The cause of this is due to the initial growth short spiky unconditioned hair. The shaft is usually dry, thick and ridged. By applying a small amount of our high quality beard conditioner and massaging it in to the new stubble growth, you coat the stubble shaft with a minute amount of specially selected essential oils that penetrates the stubble and softens the new beard so that it is no longer dry and ridged. The soft conditioned shaft then makes the experience of growing a beard a pleasurable one by eliminating that dreadful itchy beard sensation.

Another question that is often asked by bearded men is this. “How do I prevent beard dandruff”? The dandruff occurs in most cases when the skin under the hair becomes dry. The dry skin dies and flakes of and gives the effect of flaky skin or dandruff in the beard. The Distinguished Gentleman beard oil is designed to prevent and cure this dandruff by moisturising and hydrating the skin. When the skin is moisturised and nourished with the high quality ingredients that we blend together, it remains fed and retains the skins natural moisture level which in turn prevents the skin drying and flaking off.

The Distinguished Gentleman products make any beard look sensational, transforming the look from a dull appearance in to one that looks and feels exceptionally healthy, vibrant and simply amazing.

Today growing an impressive beard is the height of fashion. Many men want to grow one that is in keeping with the latest look, but all too often give up because growing the stiff hair shaft can cause the skin to itch and not surprising as the skin hidden below is often neglected. The facial hair requires grooming and care just in the way that you would look after the hair on your scalp.

By adding The Distinguished Gentleman product care range to your grooming routine means that you can eliminate the problem and discomfort of itching and help to keep that trendy facial look both silky and feeling amazingly soft. It is essential to moisturise the skin beneath the stubble in the same way that you would use moisturiser on your face generally. Skin needs to be enriched and nourished. By moisturising the skin beneath the stubble means that you will eliminate the itchy feeling. At the same time as moisturising the skin our unique blend of ingredients will maintain that great look by softening and nourishing the hair and leaving you with a luxurious feeling.

We have produced the highest quality products at the very lowest price possible, so that you can enjoy the highest performing men’s care products at the lowest price. Please click the button below to see details of our men’s care product range.


There is a history to beard oil. The American Indians were the first people to apply this basic product to their faces. The substances they used consisted of that which can be found readily in the areas that they lived. Substances such as castor, grape and almond oils were generally used. Interestingly the American Indians were able to discover the natural protective qualities of the oils possibly by accident, but nonetheless, without even knowing reasons why, they would become the four runners of what is today, a massive selling product in the growing men’s care range of products.

In the 1930s, the first commercially available beard oil became available. Although this product had low demand, a small number of sales to continue throughout the years ahead. It wasn’t until the next century that this product would start to boom in sales. In 2006, beard oil started to grow in popularity. The product had been available for more than 70 years, but in 2006 something happens to change this.

In 2013, demands for beard oil went through the roof. The growing fashion trend worldwide for facial hair combined with the growing trend in men’s cosmetic Care Products has caused unprecedented sales.
Who Uses / Why Use / How To Use

Who Uses It

Well who uses it is a simple answer. 99.9% of the time it is by Bearded men. There may be the occasion when older ladies with excessively thick stubble may use it, or there may be men and women that use it for the high quality conditioning and moisturising factor.

Don’t against misled by the word, because this product is equally as effective on moustaches. Interestingly, the moustache is more popular and beard as he generally have both, but men only have moustaches and shave the rest of the facial hair off during their daily personal routine.

Why Use It

So why use this product? Well basically, for the conditioning and moisturising benefits that you get from the ingredients, but also for the benefit of the great look becomes has result of using this product as it is designed. IT treats the hair to provide a healthy and sensational shiny appearance and feel to the beard that you don’t get naturally.

How To Use

The best way to use this product is after showering will face washing. After washing the face or showering with warm water, the facial pores are opened up. This is the perfect time to apply the correct amount of beard oil. Whilst and the pores are open, and the oil is massaged into the facial hair, the pores become coated with the essential oils. The essential properties are then carried by the shaft into the hair follicle which feeds the shaft to both soften and enrich to make look and feel healthy.

This product goes a long way, and the application only requires a couple of half pea sized drops of beard oil. Most products are applied directly from the bottle or from a mini dropper pipette into the hand and then applied directly to the face where it is massaged gently but thoroughly into the beard hair right down to the skin. For best application, once the oil has been applied to the face, a brush should ideally be used to groom the beard whilst at the same time spreading the oil evenly throughout the entire surface of the beard. You don’t necessarily have to use a brush, and a combe will do equally as well.


Beard oil has numerous benefits in its use. We will go more into this later on, but basically, we are looking to use this product to hydrate, condition and protect the beard hair / stubble and skin beneath.

The oils and coat the shaft and penetrates at the follicle to provide protective and nourishing conditioning for the hair. The ingredients prevents the shaft going brittle drying out, which in turn prevents split ends and as far as looks goes, prevents the beard from having that dull and crusty look.

Another main reason for using this product is for the protection that it applies to the skin. Skin is prone to drying out. If the skin remains dry and dehydrated, the next stage is death to the skin which causes flaking. People that shave regularly rarely notice this flaking, but for bearded men, these flakes of skin break off from the face, and are held within the beard. These flakes appear as beard dandruff, which is most unattractive for obvious reasons.

Another reason for using this product is for the prevention and eradication of beard itch. Beard itch occurs generally about 10 to 14 days after the initial stubble growth period. As the stubble becomes more prominent, so too does the inching from. Beard itch is one of the main reasons why people give up their quest to grow facial hair, but the success rate of people sticking to it is greatly enhanced when people use beard oil in the early weeks.


The ingredients are very select, so much so, that’s the beard oil is really a formula for serum. Basically you have your oil base. These are known as carriers. Then you have your essential oils. These are the properties that provide the healthy look, feel and wellbeing of your skin and beard. Then you have the fragrance, which provides that cologne / aftershave scent for freshness and all round ambience of good grooming and care.

Typical ingredients for a beard serum includes: –

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Crambe Seed Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Hempseed Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedar Wood
  • Sandalwood and Vetiver

The Full Lo Down On How & Why It Works

Good hygiene is very important for your health. Washing and showering removes dead skin, bacteria that is collected in the natural greasy film of your skin together with dirt and grime and anything else that may have collected on your face. Good hygiene and washing helps you look and smell clean, however, there is a downside. Now goes without saying that every day cleanliness is essential, however, when we wash and shower, we also remove the protective oils that are naturally secreted from our skin. The oils are secreted to protect the skin, and when we wash and remove that protection, we become vulnerable to the elements that the protection holds at bay.

With everyday life our skin and gets a hammering from the elements such as wind, sun and rain. When we wash and shower, we have removed the naturally protective substances that our body secretes. If we don’t replace that protection, we open ourselves to damage. For decades women have used moisturisers and creams to protect their skin. Until recently, it has been seen as “unmanly” for some reason for men to use such products on the skin. Thankfully, in the 21st century, things have changed. It is no longer seen as “unmanly” to use these products, but rather, the trend and advice is for men to actively apply these products for their own wellbeing. Now that it is acceptable for men to look after themselves, the rise of products such as beard oil is firmly taking its grip. This product simulates the process that the natural oils of the skin provide, so when the daily washing has stripped away the body’s natural protection, products enriches the hair and skin with an enhanced natural layer of protection.

The skin has thousands of sebaceous glands located next to the hair follicle. The sebaceous glands secrete Sebum, a waterproof barrier that has a waxy texture and lays on the skin as a protective film. Subum is a good barrier against the damage that can occur from the everyday elements, but as has been mentioned, the daily hygiene regime strips the Sebum barrier. Now I f you don’t wash for a couple of days or more, the sebum builds up, bacteria breeds allowing for rashes, spots, acne and blackheads to form, also, causing a bad odour. If however, you do wash, you remove the protective sebum film, your skin becomes prone to damage and your beard prone to drying, brittle and split ends.

Sebum locks in moisture in a similar way that Vaseline does. After washing, when the beard oil is applied, it coats the hair and skin in the same way that the Sebum does, thereby providing the same and in fact heightened level of protection that the Sebum provides, and the fragrance added makes your beard smell great.

The main ingredients of the beard serum are the essential oils. These essential ingredients are very concentrated. The carrier oils contain within the serum dilute the concentration by carrying tiny particles of the essential ingredients to the areas of the hair and skin so as to provide a good uniform coverage whilst eliminating greasy looking appearance.

The best beard oils consist of non-synthetic natural ingredients, and is mostly hypoallergenic. Depending on the ingredients contained in the product, you could find beneficial properties present that may include antibacterial, deodorant, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging. Other benefits may in extreme cases include improved moods together with physical and psychological wellbeing.