Q 1: Am I meant to leave beard oil in all day?

A: Absolutely, you want the benefit of that moisturiser protecting and nourishing throughout the day as you face elements such as weather and traffic. Enjoy that pampered feeling all day, why not?

Q 2: There are many beard products on the market, how does yours compare?

A: We have spent time researching oils to come up with a unique blend which compares in quality and price to other leading products

Q 3: Can I comb my beard after applying the oil?

A: Yes it’s a good idea to comb your beard to keep it clean and neat, this won’t affect the beard oil application and you can comb whenever you want to with the beard oil in.

Q 4: What does beard oil do?

A: Beard oil moisturises and nourishes the skin below your beard and also keeps the beard looking shiny while leaving it feeling soft and keeps the beard from drying out.

Q 5: I have a very course beard, will beard oil soften mine?

A: Yes we have many satisfied customers who wondered the same thing.

Q 6: Is your beard oil made from natural ingredients?

A: Yes, our products are created from a blend of 100% natural ingredients.

Q 7: Is your beard oil tested on animals and is it okay for vegetarians?

A: We care very much about animal welfare and therefore none of our products are tested on animals and our beard oil is okay for use by vegetarians.

Q 8: Should I wash my beard before applying the oil?

A: It’s a good idea to wash your beard a couple of times a week. I would avoid washing too often as this could dry out the hair and the skin below.

Q 9: Is this beard oil suitable for anyone?

A: It’s ideal for anyone with a beard.

Q 10: Is beard oil greasy?

A: Beard oil is oil and will leave a slight oily feel for a short time until it’s fully absorbed. To avoid this try experimenting using a smaller amount initially until you get the feel of how much is right for you.

Q 11: Will this oil ruin my clothes?

A: Beard oil shouldn’t harm your clothes. If a small amount is used it will be easily absorbed into the beard and underlying skin, if however you do happen to spill any onto clothing I suggest referring to the clothing care label for laundering instructions.