How to make your beard grow and keep it looking great!

    How to make your beard grow and keep it looking great!

Many agree the addition of a beard can make a person look manlier. And currently we see this as a major fashion statement. A beard right now is so on trend! Often the bigger the better!

But growing a beard can be daunting and many aspects can be off putting especially if you suffer from beard itch or beard dandruff.

The speed in which your beard grows will differ from man to man. It can be down to genetics, but there are ways to encourage hair to grow and things you can do to give your beard the best chance We can help you counteract some of the problems associated with growing a beard and give you the best tips for how to grow a beard to give others beard envy.

Yes it is possible to give your beard a helping hand when it comes to growing.

There are ways in which you can help your beard to grow. It’s important that you eat healthily and get enough sleep. Eating the right foods and taking supplements can greatly increase your chances of getting your beard to come in faster and look thicker and fuller.

Foods rich in protein will help. Protein can be found in fish, meat, nuts and eggs.

It would also help if you take biotin, this is known to promote the growth of hair and nails. It would also be good for you to add vitamin B to your diet.

“Eat your veg.” Who hasn’t heard this before? But it’s important that you eat fruit and veg as these contain the necessary nutrients for hair to grow quickly and healthily.

So right at the start begin by adding protein rich foods to your diet and lots of fresh fruit and veg, then watch your beard grow.

Once you have started to grow your facial hair don’t be tempted to trim it, just leave it alone to thicken up. This should take about 4-6 weeks.

After this time you can start to groom your beard and trim it to your desired shape.

You might find that your face becomes itchy and this can be quite unbearable. The hair of the beard can be course and stiff and we recommend using a good quality beard oil. Check the ingredients and make sure you know the source and what’s included in the blend. The last thing you want to do is to start putting something on your face that is going to irritate your skin even further.

Eucalyptus is recognised as a great natural product to use when it comes to stimulating hair growth. When massaged regularly into the hair follicle it promotes proper blood vessel constriction.

As you massage each day you will stimulate hair growth. The hair shaft becomes stronger as nutrients are directed to the root. Your hair will grow faster and stronger if you do this once a day. Hence using a quality beard oil with eucalyptus oil included as one of the ingredients, will provide the necessary benefit to growing a stronger healthier beard.

Just be advised not to use too much, just a tiny amount massaged into the skin beneath the beard is enough to prompt healthy growth.

If you get into the habit of doing this as part of your daily grooming routine you will soon see the results you desire.

Not only does eucalyptus oil stimulate hair growth, but it also acts as a moisturiser and can relieve the symptoms of mild psoriasis, or dry flaky skin. One of the problems associated with growing a beard is beard dandruff and so by using the finest quality beard oil you will eliminate beard dandruff as the skin beneath the beard is nourished and moisturised.

Eucalyptus also acts as a natural antiseptic. When you grow a beard one issue is the problem of debris collecting between the hairs which can lead to infection and soreness, especially if you are prone to stroking your beard. But this doesn’t have to be a problem. If your beard oil contains eucalyptus you are giving it a helping hand to combat this issue, leaving you with a clean healthy beard.

Choose a beard oil which is naturally hypoallergenic and has ingredients which are known to help with dry skin and skin inflammation, such as grape seed oil. This product is rich in vitamin E and is a great natural oil for combating dandruff.

Another ingredient that you should be looking for in your beard oil is almond oil. This has anti-inflammatory properties.

Of course most of us know of aloe vera, commonly it is known to reduce the effects of sun burn, but did you know that aloe vera is an anti-bacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory agent and  is an anti-irritant?

Aloe vera is an excellent carrier oil and quickly penetrates deeply into the skin giving great moisturising benefit to that all important, often overlooked area of skin beneath the beard.

It is good if you can get a beard oil which contains aloe vera because as we mentioned earlier, the beard can harbour many germs due to deposits left by the tendency to stroke the beard as well as food deposits. And a beard oil containing aloe vera will help to keep your beard clean when used as part of a daily skincare routine.

When you’ve taken the time to grow that great looking beard, it’s important to keep it looking its best and we recommend this simple grooming program.

Start by washing your beard with a mild shampoo. This should be a special beard shampoo, but you could use your regular hair shampoo as long as it is mild and hypoallergenic.

Once your beard is clean, pat it dry with a towel and don’t be tempted to rub the hairs. This will strip the beard of the natural oils that are present and cause the beard hair to look dry and frizzy as well as causing it to be brittle.

When your beard is dry take a beard comb and run it gently through your beard to remove any tangles and deposits. Combing your beard will also stimulate the blood supply to the follicles which is good for encouraging healthy growth.

Then take your beard oil and apply a tiny amount to your finger tips and gently massage this into the skin beneath your beard making sure you draw it through to the ends of the beard.

If you give your beard another comb through at this point you will distribute the oil evenly to all areas.

If you get into the habit of this each day your beard will look great and you will feel well groomed.

So if you want to grow a beard and have it looking great, follow our advice and it shouldn’t be too long before you notice the effects and are sporting that great on trend look.